Let's Meet Up!
Hey digital folks,
I'm Sahin, working over 10 years with e-commerce marketing teams to boost their sales. My career has spanned every stage of digital marketing.
To growth e-commerce business is my passion. For this infinitive goal, I founded two start-ups.
One is related digital marketing consultant called BoostRoas. It's going well, we're 15 digital folks, working remotely and got awarded best small PPC agency in MENA 2019, and also listed twice as best small PPC agency in Europe.
The other one is about analysing e-commerce marketing data called heyBooster. It's super early stage but we started fast as we though and was the third most voted product of the day on Product Hunt.
And also I'm public speaker and love to share my experiences.
Now I'm starting a series for e-commerce business and start-ups which include data insights and our start-up heyBooster growth stories.
I’m here to assist you to do your best! Please don’t hesitate to reply if you have any question or even if you only feel like saying hey :) on Twitter, Linkedin or direct email on to [email protected]
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