#6: Your Google Analytics audit is ready!

Insights are about getting a competitive advantage by answering key business questions that drive your team to take action.

🧐Which products are conversion rates lower than expected? What’s the reason for this state, and how can it increase the conversion rate?

📌What page affects sales positively, and how can we promote these pages more?

💯Is there any relevance between product attributes and traffic channels?

And marketer can easily list more than 100 actionable questions, but all the answers are meanless if your tracking tool, for this case, Google Analytics setup is wrong. That means your marketing team can make bad decisions based on inaccurate information. And worse than that, they can’t realize the data is unuseful.

And also, your website is continually changing. That’s why you should check your Google Analytics confirmation regularly to make sure it’s everything all right. You can find or create a checklist for an audit to ensure high data quality or… wait for it =)) now, you can use a heybooster to check and guide you daily.

It’s free and ready to give your first Google Analytics health score. And also, I’m willing to provide you with free consultancy until the end of this month.

Don’t miss it, try heybooster now!

heybooster is a marketing intelligence tool to assist you in giving the right marketing decision based on AI. Before jumping in the advanced analysis, we focus on improving your data quality to be sure that the information relies on relevant, accurate, and actionable insights. We’re aiming to make it;

Productive: not only analyze and give the checklist but also continue to track and provide a recommendation for what you should focus on next.

Communicable: you can easily connect your Slack account and delegate it to your colleagues.

I’m here to assist you to do your best! If I can be of any further assistance especially on analyze data in Google Analytics, please don’t hesitate to say hey! on LinkedIn and lets surf in the data ocean together 🏄💨

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