#4: What I’ve learned from my first pitching experience

Did you have ever check the Uber pitch deck? or search on Google “how to build a winning Investor Pitch Deck?” If yes, hi-five 👊🏻 Nowadays, I focus on to present heybooster to investors not just to get an investment but also to find a partner who guides to reach product marketing fit. This is another story; let me share soon.

As a public speaker, I feel confident on the stage. I usually have a joke to get interactions and also ready to get questions. I assume that presenting the pitch deck is going to the same experience. But definitely, I was wrong! Let me explain why and how to solve it.

Find your short description

First of all, you have limited time to catch investor attention. They don’t care who you are, what you are doing, what’s your experiences. They care only about the problem and solution. If they believe what you believe and interested in to be part of a solution for your problem, ok, you got it. Then they will be willing to listen to the details of how you can solve, why you’re the one who can solve etc..

To describe the value of your product with 3–5 keywords are harder to than make a marketing plan, creating financial projections or even creating a new version of your app :)

It should be clear and valuable such as;

Airbnb: Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels Gitlab: How companies work on software together Proof: Increase website conversions through personized social proof

Get support from your friends;

Besides the short description, we felt ready and excited to share our ideas with a bunch of investors and start-ups. And then, we started to create a pitch deck two weeks ago by getting support from our friends. We made more than ten pitchings that’s shapes our pitch deck and our vision. Thanks 👊🏻

It starts to pitching from your family. If they can’t understand what you are working on, be sure that the investors can’t too.

The third things are we struggled on a reevaluation of your ideas;

  • What is the problem you’re going to solve?

  • How big is the problem, and why should investors care?

  • How is your product going to solve the problem?

  • How are you going to make money?

  • Who are you going to go head-to-head with in the market?

  • What makes you unique?

  • How are you going to get customers?

I’m still trying to find the best answer for kind of this and more questions. Not just to present but also to do a practice to improve ideas.

Simplify it as far as possible.

I know you would like to talk about all the details of your product, but don’t waste the investor time; show the critical part. If they are interested, they are going to ask the details. And also don’t worry about the questions. In any case, they are going to ask a question you didn’t do the practice 😅

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing is more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” Antoine de Saint-exupéry

Last but not least, if you feel your pitch deck is ready, do the practice to feel confident 💪🏻It’s easy to say but hard to apply. Our fist pitching session was not good enough, but the second one is 🔥🔥

I’m here to assist you to do your best! If I can be of any further assistance especially on analyze data in Google Analytics, please don’t hesitate to say hey! on LinkedIn and lets surf in the data ocean together 🏄💨

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