#5: Have we met before?

Hey digital folks,

Mostly we’re connected on Instagram engaged with stories. But there is more behind the stories. I would like to share my own way.

My life is shaping my passion for over ten years, and that brings me amazing things. Not on the easy way by pushing and challenging.

The first thing that I’m passionate about working for leaving the company on the mission. That is to create a consultancy team to empower e-commerce business growth progress. For this infinitive goal, I was looking for a digital marketing executive, and I was so lucky to meet amazing guys. (1,2)

We got awarded the best small PPC agency in MENA, shortlisted twice on the best small PPC agency in Europe. We’re writing a book that is going to be the reference book for the e-commerce business. We started an education program for digital marketers called Boost Academy. Webinars, podcasts, blog posts, everything that the marketing team needs.

Looks like easy, no! To keep going, you should have strongly believed what you’re doing! It doesn’t help if you count working hours. That’s my team, and I are working more than 8 hours per day. Not to complete our tasks to be on the way we love!

The second thing that to be a backpacker. Meeting up with the digital marketer who I can help him/her to boost marketing skills — in other words, working remotely. I’m a bit lucky to had an experience for four months in the line of Turkey. It was extraordinary, and now I would like to discover Europe not by working, by meeting amazing digital folks and help them their business growth!

The third thing that changes my habits to be healthier. I used to be Vegetarian, but after two years, I prefer to replace with eating less meat as much as a minimum my body needs. And also, I’m an active runner and running marathon twice per year regularly. I have a problem with sleeping. I have to sleep for less than 5 hours which is not as healthy. I’m working on to use time more efficiently. (I’m sure I do but if it doesn’t reflects the sleeping time, should be considered)

Family, friends, hobbies are shaping around on these three passions and my passions come from my dreams. I’m not sure to be fulfillment after I achieve my dreams but it makes me happy to be on the way.

I’m here to assist you to do your best! If I can be of any further assistance especially on analyze data in Google Analytics, please don’t hesitate to say hey! on LinkedIn and lets surf in the data ocean together 🏄💨

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