#3: The last next marketing intelligence tool

Experienced with over ten years in digital marketing as a consultant for e-commerce business, I reported to CEO’s, digital marketing directors and also worked closely with the executive marketing teams. Each member of the marketing team has been struggling to find an answer to “How can make the e-commerce business more profitable?” The answer is not complicated which is analyzing data and getting actionable insights!

Me as a data insight executive, I started to research tools to make analysis faster. I found many solutions from the free usage of Google Data Studio dashboards to paid solutions such as Statsbot. But all of the solutions are focus on to show up the metrics or visualization, which is assist to data-insight executives but not fit for the non-technical e-commerce marketing teams.

During the last ten years, I observed that the marketing team's success depends on building and fostering a data-driven culture. That means, are the marketing team executives give a decision on gut feeling, or does the whole team focus on the growth opportunities?

After I had researched intelligence tools for 2 years, we decided to develop our own product heybooster. With-in 3 months of development progress, we released the MVP to prove our idea which is a data-driven culture is the key factor of success, and heybooster build a habit of taking data-driven action while watching the progress on business objectives.

It worked! We got excellent comments and impactful results from our test users and start to build heybooster to be the last next marketing intelligence tool for e-commerce teams as they needed.

I’m here to assist you to do your best! If I can be of any further assistance especially on analyze data in Google Analytics, please don’t hesitate to say hey! on LinkedIn and lets surf in the data ocean together 🏄💨

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